Are you ready to turn your passion into purpose and leave a lasting legacy on our community? At The Shift Lab, we’re not just a resource – we’re your catalyst to start and create change, helping you out to get up and going!

Driving Tasmanians Ahead for Impact, from Dreaming to Delivery

The Shift Lab is Tasmania’s first social impact incubator, where new ideas that are focused on impact and leading positive change are supported to launch with the help, structures, tools and resources to have the best platform to succeed!

Driven by award winning entrepreneur Adam Mostogl and delivered with the support of the Tasmanian Government through the Department of State Growth, The Shift Lab is designed on experience, getting ideas launched, recognising what it takes to get a business going in Tasmania and making sure impact is at the core of what you do.

If you have been dreaming of having a crack at launching a new idea that isn’t about making a lot of money for yourself but in fact about positive impact on our community – be it environmental, cultural, social or economic – then The Shift Lab is the ideal place to build and start.


The Shift Lab is anchored around ten workshops that cover topics like deeply understanding your problem, the social enterprise business model, communicating your impact story, marketing, financial forecasts, operating a successful enterprise, pitching and much more.


Throughout the The Shift Lab workshops, and after they have completed as you launch your social enterprise, everyone has access to regular one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions. These are designed to help you stay accountable on the journey, build out your new idea, get expert support to help with your social enterprise and going deeper into the content too.

Learning Portal

Underpinning the whole process is an online learning platform that allows for the ability to catch up on past sessions, download resources and tools that can help you out, completing the checkpoints of the incubator process and going deeper into the information provided.